North Texas drive-in to host country rock concert

It's not the kind of concert we're used to but you can drive up and enjoy live music this weekend in Fort Worth. Brandt Wood from The Coyote Drive-In talks to Good Day about the show. More:

Joe Mantegna, Trace Adkins discuss changes to Memorial Day concert

The national Memorial Day concert is usually a spectacular event on the capital lawn to honor those who fought and died for our country. But another tradition must change because of the strange times we are living through. Actor Joe Mantegna and singer Trace Adkins talked to Good Day about this year's tribute. More:

Blue October premieres new documentary

Blue October lead singer Justin Furstenfeld joins Good Day live from Houston to talk about a new documentary. He says while he was making hits there was a lot going on in his life and he wants to talk about it. More:

JJ Watt to co-host FOX's Ultimate Tag

If you've been missing live sports, you might want to check out FOX's new show Ultimate Tag. It's a big dose of competition and physical endurance. Co-host JJ Watt explains. More: