Group of Dallas Cowboys players helping North Texans in need during coronavirus outbreak

A group of Dallas Cowboys players are reaching out to North Texans who are hard at work during the coronavirus quarantine period.

Led by defensive end Demarcus Lawrence, the Hot Boyz bought lunch for hundreds of  medical workers and first responders.

The Cowboys players said they’re also working to help North Texas businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just stepping up in the community and trying to do our part,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence led the group to organize a free drive-thru meal service for first responders, medical workers, and others on Sunday.

They paid several food truck businesses that are struggling to cook the meals, and it happened at the Seago Pantry convenience store, where the owners have said they’ve been losing money.

Jaylon Smith, who was elbow dapping instead of shaking hands, and the Hot Boyz hosted the drive-thru at the store in hopes of stirring business.

“We have to stay united,” he said.

Dyrickeyo Johnson picked up food for his wife, who works in a hospital.

“She ain’t got to worry about stopping or going to get us something to eat. So it’s a blessing. Got to love America and America’s team. How about them Hot Boyz?” he said.

The players understand there’s a lot of uncertainty these days.

“You don’t know what’s going on with this virus or how deadly it can be or the next step of us getting back to a normal society and doing our thing,” Lawrence added.

They don’t know how the pandemic will affect things on the field this season, so they're doing what they can away from the game.

“You know, this is basically us stepping out of that form of another athlete and trying to be the leaders and be the examples that God blessed us to be,” Lawrence added.